We are Jesse and Jessica sus hosts in this Spanglish Podcast “The-50FIFTY”.

En este episodio we talk about la importancia of recycling, reducing, and reusing. Do Latinos have an innate ability to recycle, and reuse? Why do our moms collect empty butter bins to reuse as Tupperware? We also discuss the importance of Earth Day! Tenemos solamente un planeta (at least for now) so what can we do on Earth Day to make our home a nicer place to live in? Y finalmente we ask all of you, uds qué metas tienen to recycle more?

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2 Responses

  1. Como que ser green viene por waves for me. Sometimes I care extremely and others I am just “meh” about it. I do reuse food containers if I can 😂 usually to pack Larry lunch or even my own. Me sirve I am not going to throw it away. & I relate so much, my dad puts the thermostat at 87 – he might as well just put a tent outside and live there.
    I always turn off the lights if I’m not in that specific room, or the porch lights tambien apagadas all the time. The love of my life however keeps them alllll on and it bothers me. Why keep the porch light on if we ain’t outside… Larry’s response is “para ver afuera si no ay alguien.” So the constant tug of war of keeping the porch light on. I think I’m traumatized from my dad always mad that the lights are on hahaha. Sadly where I live we don’t have option to recycle, I want to start recycling on my own I know I can take it instead. Where my mom is at she has both botes uno de basura y el otro de recycle but the garbage man takes both the same day so… que lucha se está aciendo allí? Very sad.
    Something I want to try is to plant a small garden with veggies, obviously inspired by Ms. Jessica 💚

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