Inspired by my blog post “The internal dilemma of El Buenos Dias”. Join our conversation where my wife and I discuss, saludo a esta persona o no? We would love to read your comments on this subject and if you can relate no matter your heritage. Enjoy!

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  1. if you go deeper in mexico it gets worse lol. Instead of saying buenos dias, if you are driving they STOP the cars to say hi but they yell “PRIMO” thats their way of saying “Ey que onda” (men to men) and they ain’t even cousins. Yo siento que ya la gente aqui assimlated la cultura americana, they see it as normal not say el Buenos Dias. Its the same thing as talking de “usted” .. people think you are very well educated since they do not expect it and when they hear it you get both sides, people being like “ew go away” and “ohmygosssh a tu te educaron bien” porque me a tocado. Have you ever said “Good morning” to an american person? Se siente medio rarro como que no va. Pero like, just say Buenos Dias por ser nice and respectful. Really enjoyed this guys! Siganle

  2. Great podcast guys! Personally growing up in a very American southern culture my entire life, I grew up to say “buenos días” if you were acknowledged in a room. Si entraba a un cuarto y todos están en su propio royo then we didn’t necessarily NEEDED to say it unless one specific person looked over and that’s when you do that awkward half smile and mumble hello or good morning just to that one person. Now living in the south western part of the country I see how important It is to say good morning or buenos días to the entire room even if no one is paying attention. The unfourtinate part is a lot of kids have parents that work the fields and they basically raise themselves, which means they wont say buenos días even after being personally addressed by an adult. It all boils down to the culture and the presence of a parents in the child’s life.

  3. I love this! and could totally relate to it all…maybe because I am your wifes sisters lol. Pero toda la conversacion estuvo bonita and you guys made real good points on to when, how and to who to say “Buenos dias.” In my profession I do have to say that saying “Buenos dias” to everyone with direct eye contact makes a big difference no matter there cultural background. It makes the person almost feel recognized and valued as a person. Saludar y ser saludado puede cambiar la attitude de la persona and simply make their day. ♡ Los amo mis giraffes! Lol

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