We are Jesse and Jessica sus hosts in this Spanglish Podcast “The-50FIFTY”.

En este episodio we talk about la primera dosis of our COVID-19 vaccine! We explain nuestras experiencias with it, and how amazed we are de qué tan diferente son nuestras experiencias. Yuma and San Luis Arizona may be close to each other pero they are two very different vibes! Si uds han decidido to get your COVID-19 vaccine please let us know, cómo les fue a uds? Also, si alguien conoce al paletero en San Luis please let us know how to find him. Le debemos dinero.

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  1. I got my second doses already hace dos semanas so tengo SUPREME IMMUNITY don’t want to brag but yeah I am. La neta que I felt no major side effects, I did feel tired but I’m always tired so what’s new. Yo agarre la primera vacuna at my work and it was super quick que ni me acuerdo de mi experience. I only remember the 15 minutes I had to wait. My second dose however I got en el civic center when it was open to just the older population and I was surrounded by viejitos and they had like 50s music playing I was getting depressed for reals puras viejitas en cilla de ruedas. Also kind of cute cause they came with their hubbies y ay los andavan ayudando but I was in full CNA mode por si alguien se caí. I waited 8 minutes y me fui porque dejé a larry solo con los niños. Anyways feel nothing from second dose. Feliz de la vida that I got it and I lived to receive it! Ya toda mi familia got their first dose y no sienten nada.
    Kind of jealous I didn’t get a paleta.

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