“Wow this drink tastes pretty bomb, quieres uno? I’ll order it for you”….

See since I come from a place, donde el sol arde más que tus nachas después de 3 días con chorro, the idea of a cold alcoholic drink pretty much always sounds like a good idea to me. Add that train of thought to the fact that I recently bought a bartender kit so I can make some cocktails, y pues, you can pretty much tell why for me moscow mules are all the rage right now and why I will usually order one at a new restaurant to try them out. I really don’t feel why I have to explain or justify why I even like them, pero pues, I’m gonna do it anyways. Listos? Ay les va.

  1. Están BIEN frios! Cold means refreshing, and again because of where I’m from, refreshing is good.
  2. The ginger beer helps you burp, and well no se ustedes pero for me, a good way to end a satisfying meal is with a nice loud buuurrrp (followed by a delicate wipe of the cloth napkin y con él pinky bien alto up in the air porque no eres un salvaje).
  3. FOR MOTHER RUSSIA, ok maybe not por razones de patria, but when you combine top shelf vodka into this mix, you know that nothing but good times and great decisions can follow.
  4. Una pizca de limón!( O tres limones enteros todo se vale en esta vida)
  5. Add all of the above and put it together on a super stylish, hip, copper mug de cache, (y si ya se, segun te puede causar cáncer estos vasos pero pues también las chelas! And I don’t see you giving up booze so callate).

“Quieres uno? I’ll order it for you”….

I offered a friend of mine one trying to be nice, and I know he likes those drinks too.

He says: “Nah, I don’t think it fits the theme”.

I then start thinking to myself, fit the theme. FIT THE THEME. Fit the theme? As in ordering a Moscow mule at this point no va porque eso solamente se ordena en ocasiones especiales, but what time or occasion would that be? At a trendy bistro? After a long picnic? Después de un menudo?

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I don’t think a Moscow mule goes with a Japanese restaurant,” he said.

It was at that moment when he said that while I was slurping on my ramen that I realized what he meant. Japanese food and Russian inspired drinks and food do, no, SHOULD NOT  mix. These two cultures are way too different, and that in no world or circumstance deberían juntarse. That’s what he meant.

Y la neta, casi me lo creía, but then another idea clicked and that’s when I responded:

“Bro, somos two Mexicans, visiting San Diego, in Little Italy, comiendo Texas inspired Japanese Ramen.  Y también you’re wearing a cap que dice FIERRO…Nada va!”.

Not to get all patriotic or ‘Murica up in this place, pero uno de los beneficios de vivir en esté país es que podemos disfrutar de diferentes culturas. I for one really love the idea of different cultures fusing and enjoying what comes out at the end. Y pues como también me considero alguien que está mezclado I say let’s get more mixes and fuses, why stop now? I want sushi in the portability of a burrito, quiero un elote asado with some Sriracha and teriyaki sauce. Se me antoja un tikka masala con unos frijoles negros con queso fresco y champurrado because why not, let’s go crazy. I feel we shouldn’t limit our palates or imagination to simply what’s culturally original, and I believe que mi compa Stevie lo dice como es.

“This is America. I don’t want a tomato picked by a Mexican. I want it picked by an American, then sliced by a Guatemalan and served by a Venezuelan in spa where a Chilean gives me a Brazilian.” Stephen Colbert.

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