This is Part 1 of a 2 part series of this topic. The blog is written in Spanglish.

At this point just about everyone has one with Apple reporting around 500,000 podcasts que ahora mismo están activos it seems that this is the golden age to sit inside your closet with a microphone and speak to strangers across the vast internet. With topics ranging from True Crime, History, Political, Philosophy, Recetas Caseras Robadas, es obvio que la fama de los podcasts está fundada en la idea de que hay una conversación de todo y para todos. 

So you finally started a podcast haven’t you? Fijate qué bien. 

It is very likely that if you (like me) have started this digital journey then you have undoubtedly done your homework such as; figuring out who your demographic is. De que se trata tú podcast? 

Cual va ser tú mensaje? What equipment do you need? How do you find a good hosting provider? Que tipo de logo vas a usar?

And if so, Excelente! You are off to a great start. 

Así que you record your 1st few episodes, you tell all your friends and family, you set up a type of social media account for your podcast, y listo! You upload your content. Your RSS feed distributes it to all the major platforms you selected y tu idea se hace finalmente a reality. 

I remember that 1st moment of uploading the 1st episode. All that research, trial and error, doubts leading up to the initial recording. I still remember my shaky voice and the uneasy feeling of trying not to overly breathe in the microphone. Recuerdo lo raro que se sentía simplemente tener una conversación con mi esposa mientras grabamos because I knew that every syllable was being stored and saved. I vividly recall attempting my 1st post edit y cuánto tuve que detenerme from deleting the everything out of sheer fear of sounding stupid, feeling unimportant. The imposter syndrome keeps creeping up on you to the point that it could very easily consume you, y al vez te pongas a pensar, quién me creó? Quién soy yo para pensar que tengo algo que decir?

But if you really did finally get your podcast going, espero que es porque te diste cuenta que you enjoy doing this. You enjoy the creative outlet of speaking your mind. Disfrutas crear contenido por ti mismo o con tus amigos / seres queridos. Es muy probable que tú no empezaste with the mentality of making all the money right off the bat. You began this hobby porque you thoroughly enjoy it and that reason alone. Like me, you probably recall checking your download / listening stats and you begin to wonder, “Are these numbers actual listeners or is it just me playing the podcast on repeat? 

However sure enough as the days go by you begin to notice that the stats confirm that people are tuning in. You double check con tus amigos y familiares y les preguntas que si han tenido la oportunidad de escuchar el podcast. Y después personas comienzan a seguir tus páginas en las redes sociales and when that happened you most likely felt like me, on cloud nine. Happy as you can be with the idea that others were relating to your content and that you created something that someone else was able to enjoy. With just a few thoughts, some planning, and a bit of equipment you created. Para mi I remember that it felt like a runners high type of feeling, and it still feels surreal when people begin to reach out and say “Hey we like your work! Keep it up!”. Y aunque yo no necesariamente estoy aquí esperando from any type of validation in the form of compliments, you cannot help but to smile from ear to ear when someone shares your podcast, or gives you a shout-out, or sends an email/comment stating that they are now fans of your work. Que locura que tenemos la manera de desarrollar algo que toda la gente pueda disfrutar, and all from the comfort of my home.  

Pero en esta vida, uno tiene que lidiar con los retos que le llega a uno. Unfortunately I do not yet live in a world where I can only concentrate in blogging, podcasting, creating, and learning. Life is a bit messy at times, and you have to make one compromise after another inorder to achieve what you initially set out to accomplish. Pues cosas como el trabajo, los billes, responsabilidades en la familia tienen prioridad, y aveces unexpected circumstances can lead to you slowing down the pace of your content production. Cuando esto sucede, it can cause you to slow down how often you deliver tú contenido, and those interruptions can be disheartening. 

What are some factors that contribute to the interruption of delivering content? What goes through your mind when you begin to slow down the pace and become inconsistent? What can be done if you officially fall into a podfade?

Well now that we discussed the wonders and thrills of setting up your podcast. Let’s discuss the reality of when the podcasting honeymoon stage is over and what to do when you fall in this big scary void of the podfade. Los invito la próxima semana que regresen para la parte 2 of this blog where we go into depth and explain how to survive A PODFADE. STAY TUNED!

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