As a kid I always knew I was going to end up married. Osea era básicamente imposible que yo quedara soltero.

No me creen? Aqui les va a small sample list of why it was virtually impossible for me to be single:

Tall? Yes
Handsome? Yes
Charismatic? Absolutely
Chistoso? Cómo no…

I really do not want to brag but I really am the perfect balance of manly and open with my emotions. I am capable of rescuing 3 puppies in a burning building without a ladder walkout unsacthed and then go knit a blanket for them to sleep on it next to my adopted kids. I make the “This is Us” dad (JACK) look like Hitler in comparison. Nomas no me pidan que te cuelgue un espejo because apparently that is my limit, no puedo, for the life of me, NO PUEDO! Like if a bad guy came up with a gun and said “Cuelga este espejo o si no te mató!” then I am pretty much as good as dead guys. Hasta alli llegue. R.I.P.

Anyways, Since I obviously had a lot going on I never really worried about finding THE ONE. Más bien lo que me preocupaba was if THE ONE would ever find me.

Y de manera inesperada, Jessica entra en mi vida.
Llego a mi vida de repente.

Imagine the most dramatic entrance ever: For example: When the lover opens the church door to object to a wedding at the last minute, o tal vez la entrada de un desgraciado en el show “Laura en America”,  or when Jesus resurrects for the 3rd day and pops up to his disciples like: “Sup?”. Take these dramatic entrances, multiplicalo por 10, and you will have a 5% understanding of what it was like when Jessica entered my life.

Saying that Jessica completely changed how I view myself and the world around me would be a complete understatement. I mean don’t get me wrong, I still think I am the just about as perfect as I can get, pero nunca me imagine lo tanto que me faltaba aprender en esta vida y de mi mismo. Es increible cuanto he cambiado and I believe that this change that has been happening has been for the better, and I will tell you why.

Antes que les diga why let me just say real quick… Marriage is WORK… It is completely worth it in my perspective (and I absolutely love being married) pero no se equivoquen ni por un segundo that a successful, and happy marriage just happens. IT DOES NOT!


The best type of work I can compare marriage to is gardening, porque a pesar de todo el duro trabajo that goes behind gardening ,the result can be amazing and beautiful. Igual que en jardineria you have to work in all kinds of conditions, circumstances, and elements, y ni creas que las plantas will simply adapt to your conditions, NEL PASTEL!  YOU are the one that has to adapt, and compromise at times. Marriage is very similar to all of this mentioned! Tienes que adaptar tu mentalidad. Tienes que exponerte a circunstancias that will be uncomfortable, and you will have to consistently keep working hard so that beautiful relationship in which you have committed to flourishes. Yeah sometimes you have to go through a lot of manure, pero eso es part of the game! You knew this going in!

All this hard work that I began to put into my relationship has definitely contributed to mold the person who I am today, y gracias a Dios, and the effort that both my wife and I make to be with each other we help each other become a better versions of ourselves daily. Like I have said, no siempre es fácil, pero cómo ha valido la pena.

Ya by this year vamos a cumplir 7 años de casados. Y cuando miró hacia atrás, and recall everything we have been through as a couple, I realize that we are better today then when we started y eso me llena de emoción y felicidad for the future ahead of us no matter how long that may be. I hope to keep growing as a person and as a partner in the days to come.


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