About us

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Qué onda?

A little bit of this and a little bit of that? Somos de aquí y venimos de acá. Our lives and point of view come from two worlds. Sometimes it’s fun y a veces nos confunden y pensamos “Qué rollo?!”.  But whatever the circumstance, sabemos qué no estamos solos. So caile, chill and let’s all make sense of this thing we call life, the way we know best, 50FIFTY

Our Story

Our story starts like any good story starts. In a bar late at night. A group of friends and I were talking about how quickly we go from English to Spanish when we talk. Lo hacemos de manera natural, it’s instant like an on and off switch pero más rapido. Cómo qué empezamos con un lenguaje but then end with another. We don’t even have to finish one sentence in a language para poder empezar con la otra porque the process va rapido like boom I’m talking English now pero ahora estoy hablando Spanish. English, Spanish, English, Spanish, cómo se dividimos los dos y lo usamos de esa forma. Dividido por la mitad. 50FIFTY

Meet The Gang




Street-smart and Compassionate

Jesse was born in East Oakland and grew up watching Mr. Rogers. Therefore he knows how to rep and take care of his neighborHOOD.


Ms. Jessica

Executive Producer

Stylish, Cool, Calm, and Collected

Jessica is the secret behind anything getting done. Jesse might have the wild ideas of what might be content and Jessica makes it a reality.


Aaron D. MadLad

Idea Guy

Bad and Bougie

Aaron doesn't know how much content he brings. You could say that Jesse steals all his ideas from him. Also, Aaron doesn't get paid. Also Also, Aaron doesn't really work for the blog/podcast but this layout comes in 3's so we decided to post of picture of him.

Now What?

Let's be friends para siempre! Follow us and join the conversation!

Gracias for the love y la caffeina!