Nice To Meet You Mucho Gusto

What is “THE-50FIFTY MEDIA”?

Our project began with a blog that described growing up biculturally and in the middle of the US / Mexico border. You can actually read the very 1st Blog HERE. It was a great way of allowing my creative writing to take shape and I wanted to write these cultural observations in the most native way in our area (Spanglish). Therefore “The-50FIFTY” became a sort of play on words. We live in the middle of 2 countries, we culturally relate to 2 different cultures, and we mix 2 different languages. We are indeed 50/50 in just about every sense of the word!

The blog was one step but shortly after we expanded our platform to a podcast (in fact you can list to the 1st episode HERE). This project not only challenged my creative writing process but my technical skills as well! We learned how to; create a website, market content, write, produce, record, use DAW to edit, and of course, our photography and videography skills improved as well. We have learned a great deal in these last 3 years and have taken the leap to begin offering our services. In short, we kept the title “The-50FIFTY” as a tribute to the idea that started it all.

Connect with Us

We love meeting new people and are happy to work in a space that allows us to be creative and connect with others. We invite you to follow us on Instagram, and drop in to say hi! We look forward to collaborating with you.

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